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2016 GSW in Warsaw, major moment highlights 2016-08-10



■  Date & Time : 9th-11th June 2016
■  Location : Warsaw, Poland
■  Agenda : Comprehensive economy in digital era





Women is the future!



Global Summit of Women greeted its’ 26th anniversary with presentations and debates on digital speeds, variability and operational circumstances of constitution in global industry, and new relationships in all those transitions.


In the meantime, discussions for empowerment of women and leading main streaming has made in depth.

Sungjoo Foundation has participated GSW by organizing GNKW (Global Network of Korean Women) which is consist of Korean representatives of political, economic and NGO sphere.


Furthermore, Sungjoo foundation has supported various global projects of GSW by gathering funds through pop-up store with products that donated by MCM.





2016 GSW Korean political, economic and NGO representatives










   June 9 (DAY 1)








*Ministerial Roundtable


Women ministers from around world, including former Korean minister Do yoon Byun are discuss about solutions for mutual cooperation between government and non-government for advancing women’s economic opportunities



*Session: Conversation with mayor of Warsaw

Irene Natividad(Chairman of GSW) and Hanna Gronskiewicz-Waltz(Mayor of Warsaw) are discussing about future of the city



*Session: Commerce and trade with Poland



Henryka Bochniarz (Chairman of business community in Poland) and Mateusz Morawiecki (The deputy Prime minister of Poland) are discussing business with Poland



*Opening Ceremony



Sponsorship wall



Representatives of Poland are presenting welcome greetings



Venue: Royal castle in Warsaw(UNESCO World Heritage Site)




 Welcoming orchestra recital

*Dinner and Networking





Sungjoo Kim(CEO of MCM), Yasmin Darwich(CEO of BPW), Dorota Warakomska(President of ‘The Congress of Women’ in poland)




   June 10 (DAY 2)




GNKW (Global Network of Korean Women) is having networking breakfast.




Male CEO Forum




Discussing building up comprehensive economy



* Ji-in Hong, Ambassador of Republic of Korea to Poland has invited GNKW (Global Network of Korean Women) to Luncheon at embassy of the Republic of Korea.



Singing Arirang; Korean folk song, often considered as the unofficial national anthem of Korea






Efficient management for multigenerational work environment



Views on developing silver industry through technology

*Global women leadership awards and MCM gala dinner




Award recipient: UNESCO director-general IRINA BOKOVA



Award recipient: Chairman of business community in Poland HENRYKA BOCHNIARZ






Sungjoo Kim, CEO of MCM is presenting welcome greetings on MCM gala dinner.








GNKW (Global Network of Korean Women) gathering after MCM gala dinner



   June 11 (DAY 3)





Generational gap in digital era




Women CEO forum





Utilization of SNS for efficient management



*Closing ceremony



Farewell 2016 GSW Warsaw from Polish representatives




Greetings from Japanese representatives for 2017 GSW Tokyo






Seeking for repository of wisdom





* Back to medieval age in Kraków, Poland and culture, art of Vienne-heart of Europe







Story of Poland, Host Country of 2016 GSW

Social debut of Women in Poland is largely active. Political, social and economical leverage of women is strong in Poland. For instance, current Prime minister, Mayor and partner of GE POLAND & BALTIC STATES CEO, DELOITTE in Poland are women.


Women-friendly nation Poland, it was fulfill through elaborate supports from women organization, ‘The Congress of Women’.

The Congress of Women is polish feminist NGO that established in June 2009. The Congress of women has been supported political, social advance of women ever since.

The Congress of Women suggests critical opinions and shadow cabinet on government policies.
Furthermore, The Congress of Women accelerated political and social economic leverage of women by organized audit committee.

The Congress of Women is organizing international forum every year and emphasize the importance of women on social and political. And 8th conference of The Congress of Women in May 2016 was held on following agenda ‘Equality, Campaign, and Democracy’