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Charitable Works

The Foundation provides both direct and indirect aid to women and children who have been victims of sexual
abuse and/or domestic violence, as well as to those who are handicapped or are socially and economically disadvantaged

Domestic Programs

"Power of Love" – a program that provides physical therapy services for handicapped children [2010~]
Child sexual abuse prevention education project [2011]
Financial assistance with medical expenses for low-income female cancer patients [2012~]
Direct aid program for victims of sexual abuse [2013~]
Program designed to provide clothing to multicultural or single-mom families, the elderly and the handicapped [2013~]
Support of certain domestic Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and assistance with the execution of their Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) [2013~]
"Smile Dream" – Financial assistance for women suffering from facial nerve paralysis [2014~]
Direct aid program for single-mom families [2014~]
Direct aid program for female North Korean defectors [2014~]

Global Programs

Establishment of “Sung Joo Love Hospital’ in Madagascar [2001~]
Japan’s Earthquake Relief Project: “Women Help Women” (WHW) [2011~]
One-on-one sponsorship program for overseas children in need [2011~]
"Peace in Asia" – a women’s rights project for Thai, Burmese and other Asian women [2011 – ]
Establishment of "Sung Joo Hope School" in Burundi, Africa [2013~]
Philippine Typhoon Relief Project [2014~]
Support the implementation of a project entitled “Empowering Women Victims of Sexual Violence and Torture during
Conflict in Kosovo” in Drenas, Kosovo [2014~]