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Women’s Education

These projects are intended to extend opportunities for women in the areas of social development
through educational and scholarship programs.

ADM (Art & Design Management) in London [2009~]
Provide young, motivated college women opportunities to experience global cultures, in the hopes of inspiring such women to become creative leaders.
Global Women Leadership Program [2010~]
Encourage professional women through lectures and mentors to take on leadership roles and provides professional women with the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge with mentors who will encourage and inspire them to become global leaders.
WING(Women International Network Group) Program [2014~]
IOrganize and support leadership education programs for Korean business/professional women and North Korean defectors
WE (Women Entrepreneurship) Program [2014~]
Arrange an entrepreneurship education program for women in which they can easily learn and experience practical issues regarding start-up
Women’s Health and Culture [2014~]
Provide important information on women’s health issues and fitness programs that can be applied to everyday life.

Female Journalists Overseas Study Program [2009~]
Provide scholarships for an overseas study program to female journalists so that they may enhance their global experience.
Scholarships for Socio-economically Challenged College Women [2011~]

Provide scholarships to college women from low-income households. In return, beneficiaries of such scholarships will
"pay-back" with service to female high school students in need through tutoring and/or mentoring.

United Kingdom ‘PAWA(Pan Asian Women's Association)’